The Miracles of Modern Dentistry

23 minutes from leaving the car to getting in the car. That is one short dentist’s appointment, considering I was getting a filling. The longest part is waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. It’s also the most fun, considering that it’s cool to play with numbness. For one thing, there are certain asymmetrical faces that I can’t make normally because I don’t have the muscle control. Deaden the nerves, and I can.

At any rate, nothing like having your brain rattled from inside by a high-speed drill, and then having your mouth bombarded by high-energy radiation. The shape of my tooth is now slightly different; I think Dr. Cornilessen put in slightly more material than he took out. I’ll get used to it.


4 responses to “The Miracles of Modern Dentistry”

  1. Always happens with fillings. You get used to it surprisingly quickly.

    I was a poster child for perfect teeth. Then I went to college, and everything went to hell, despite maintaining good brushing/flossing habits. Whee!

  2. I wonder if I should blame coffee, Mountain Dew, or beer?

  3. None, in my case. Didn’t drink coffee, rarely had the Dew, and didn’t discover beer until coming to Scotland.


  4. You could blame any of the above, all three, or none of them — Dad used to threaten us kids with the Sugar Bugs, so you could saddle them with the blame.

    Did you take pictures of your asymmetrical faces? :D

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