Do you have room envy?

I present a few pictures that Emery snapped of our loft double in . I think this room qualifies as TOTALLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!

The lounge on our hall, with kitchen…
The lounge, complete with big screen TV and a red "color zone"
The fancy new kitchen
Our two-story loft room!
The Grand Staircase
Our sleeping chamber on the balcony
An aerial view of our "work" area

I can’t wait until Saturday, when I get to move in and see it for myself :o).

In My Room” from Totally Whipped by The Blenders


19 responses to “Do you have room envy?”

  1. That big-screen TV and the kitchen aren’t actually in your room, are they?

  2. Someone didn’t read the alt tag tooltips on the images :oP. Those are in the lounge.

  3. Some of us have tooltips turned off, because we don’t want a stupid little box popping up saying “this button tells Mozilla to go back one page” every time we mouse over the back button…

  4. alt doesn’t create tooltip popups. That’s title. alt in img just replaces the image with the given text if the image fails to load or the browser is set for accessibility stuff, &c. Thus, the only way for us to see your alt tag text was to look at the page source or image properties, not hover the mouse over stuff and see tooltips.

  5. Preach it, brother.

  6. That’s *awesome*! Why didn’t they have rooms like that for the SIX YEARS that *I* was a student?

  7. Then why does the text in the alt tags appear when I hover my mouse over the images?

  8. I’m with Abby on this one. I think that room is bigger than my whole flat in Scotland.

    “Back in (our) day, we had to walk up hill both ways to Parrish, and we liked it, because we knew the value of an education. Ye young whippersnappers.”

  9. the title attribute tag might, however.

  10. Hmm, I should’ve said “*ahem* XHTML 1.0 Transitional”, which is where that issue is… W3C more or less recommends displaying title as a tool tip, but generally sets aside alt as a replacement when the image can’t or shouldn’t load [These links go to the HTML 4.01 document as XHTML 1.0 Transitional pages don’t really mention this stuff, and I reasoned it would be more accurate than linking to XHTML 1.1 specifications]. There’s no reason browsers can’t display alt as a tool tip, according to the guidelines, but it is not a requirement. Neither is it for title, but the basic rule is that title must show up on the page somehow, whereas the browser is free to choose whether alt text displays or not, unless you’re not loading the image.

  11. Browser preference/options/default settings, most likely. I don’t see ’em in Firefox 0.9.3, I do in IE 6.02 (which, compared to firefox, is freaking damn slow. Never did that side by side ’til just now, wow….!)

  12. Funny, these pics have convinced me Swat’s wasting money. Flat screens? WTF??!!!

  13. No, that’s a CRT, just a really big one (in the screen dimensions, not especially so front-to-back, but not flat.) The college had $12,000 left over in their building fund (so I’m told,) and so plunked down for four large TVs for the dorms. They’re in ML, , Mephisto’s and Mertz (this last was intended for Wharton C basement, but was too big to fit through anything but double doors).

  14. Actually, it probably is a flat screen, in the sense that the picture tube is not curved, causing image distortion at the edges of the screen. A flat panel (DLP, LCD, or Plasma) is something else entirely, but unfortunately the terms are pretty much used interchangeably.

  15. Does LJ actually support the latest version of XHTML? I use title in new web pages that I make, but I figured alt was more appropriate since LJ’s code generally seems to be older.

  16. From “view source” in Safari 1.0.3.

    I use the title= attribute in <a> tags on LJ all the time; it’s a field in the “insert hyperlink” dialog in Xjournal. It pops up as a tooltip in Firefox, and in the status bar in Safari, which would make me wonder if Safari would handle the title= attribute in a <img> tag at all, since hovering an image does not cause the status bar to do anything.

  17. The mind struggles to grasp how they can have $12k left in the building fund when they’re still trying to get someone to give them the cash for building the dorm at all….

  18. Wow, dorm rooms sure have changed since my time. In my new hometown of San Francisco, your loft dorm room would probably rent for a nice chunk of change. :-)

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