Day: August 26, 2004

Do you have room envy?

I present a few pictures that Emery snapped of our loft double in . I think this room qualifies as TOTALLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!! The lounge on our hall, with kitchen… Our two-story loft room! I can’t wait until Saturday, when

The Miracles of Modern Dentistry

23 minutes from leaving the car to getting in the car. That is one short dentist’s appointment, considering I was getting a filling. The longest part is waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. It’s also the most fun, considering

Sibling Manipulation

Mwahahah. The coke commercial with the woman singing and passing out coke to people is hated by my sister, because the song gets stuck in her head. Me: “I’ll only mute this commercial if you get me a Mountain Dew.”