Mandatory C-SPAN

I’m being my usual night-owl self and watching the proceedings of the House Judiciary Subcommittee. They’re discussing parts of the 9-11 Commission Report, as well as aspects of the PATRIOT act. They even had an important ACLU person testifying.

I am convinced that everyone in this country needs to watch C-SPAN at least once a week. You can see John Ashcroft being evil, for example, as he declares that the Geneva Convention does not apply to terrorists. At the very least you can see your representatives doing their job.

If more people saw government in action, they might think more before voting along party lines.


One response to “Mandatory C-SPAN”

  1. Amd if we have no reception whatsover, and are happy that way, and wouldn’t have TV except that mpother-in-law gave it to us only now we do, we have DVD because of Lord of the Rings extended…?

    Um. So. What besides C-SPAN? And can I read it in the bathroom, like I do the New Republic and the investment newsletters from the retirement fund?

    No, I’m only half as snarky as this sounds! Am getting ready to go have ice cream. Very important!

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