Month: August 2004

  • Scholarship Woes

    Fritz and I were both planning to apply for a Churchill Scholarship, to do a year-long post-graduate program at Cambridge. It now seems very likely that we will be unable to do it, because the next GRE subject test isn’t until November, and since it’s a written test, the results wouldn’t be available until well […]

  • Hate… ITS… So… Much

    I won’t even start on the rant that I don’t need a virus scanner because I have a Mac. They don’t require any virus scanning for Linux, and the vulnerabilities in OS X and Linux are roughly equivalent. First of all, the method used by Campus Manager to detect your computer and allow it/quarantine it […]

  • First Day

    First day of classes was today. Apparently this is the first time classes have been in session in August. Ever. Some weird timing issue with the dates, I guess. Thermofluid Mechanics was about what I expected; I hope the Prof. Macken starts writing more down on the board, because just talking at us isn’t nearly […]

  • Moved In

    I am unpacked, our fridges have been fetched, and we have experienced the 15-foot joy that is the Big Screen. Since our room last year kicked ass, and this room is several orders of magnitude better, this room must be some sort of über-awesome. It is an awesome that cannot be comprehended by our feeble […]

  • You Should All Hate Me

    Apparently the “individual climate control” in does in fact mean air conditioning. That’s right, we have air conditioning. Installed. In our room. If you feel the need to kill me and take my place, I’d understand :oP. “In My Room” from Totally Whipped by The Blenders

  • Do you have room envy?

    I present a few pictures that Emery snapped of our loft double in . I think this room qualifies as TOTALLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!! The lounge on our hall, with kitchen… Our two-story loft room! I can’t wait until Saturday, when I get to move in and see it for myself :o). “In My Room” from […]

  • The Miracles of Modern Dentistry

    23 minutes from leaving the car to getting in the car. That is one short dentist’s appointment, considering I was getting a filling. The longest part is waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. It’s also the most fun, considering that it’s cool to play with numbness. For one thing, there are certain asymmetrical faces […]

  • Sibling Manipulation

    Mwahahah. The coke commercial with the woman singing and passing out coke to people is hated by my sister, because the song gets stuck in her head. Me: “I’ll only mute this commercial if you get me a Mountain Dew.” Sis: “I hate you.” ::gets Mountain Dew:: Yup, I’m evil :oD.

  • Mandatory C-SPAN

    I’m being my usual night-owl self and watching the proceedings of the House Judiciary Subcommittee. They’re discussing parts of the 9-11 Commission Report, as well as aspects of the PATRIOT act. They even had an important ACLU person testifying. I am convinced that everyone in this country needs to watch C-SPAN at least once a […]

  • Eensy-Weensy Cavity

    Apparently one of my teeth does in fact have a small cavity. If you understand dentistry, it’s #14, although I suppose it’s not necessarily a standard numbering system. At any rate, I have to go in at 8 am on Thursday so I can get the microcavity drilled and filled before I head back to […]