The Wrong Clownfish

I just bought my first ship in Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates: the Wrong Clownfish.

I got really lucky with the coloring; she comes with blue and white trim, very close to my favorite color scheme of navy blue and medium grey.

I’ve stocked her holds, but unfortunately, no one in my crew (the Bloody Scoundrels) is online right now, so I’ll have to settle for posting some pictures of me and my brand new cutter (the second smallest ship class, good for several pirates, and packing six small cannons).






5 responses to “The Wrong Clownfish”

  1. uncleamos Avatar

    The second smallest?

    When I played the beta it was the smallest. What have they added?

  2. uncleamos Avatar

    Also…seeing the screenies is making me want to play again….

    Curse you!

  3. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    They did some naming voodoo: the “small sloop” became a “sloop”, and the “large sloop” became a “cutter”. They also added some more ships at the high end: war brig and merchant brig, not to mention the massive grand frigate…

  4. uncleamos Avatar

    Now that you mention it, I suppose that the small sloop was / is in fact smaller than that.

  5. deathbysnusnu Avatar

    ‘Tis a very seaworthy vessel indeed. Looking at it so makes me want to go and say “Yarrr!” no matter how much I try to contain it.

    Based on all the screenshots being in the same orientation, however, I’m guessing that your character isn’t nearly as photo-(screenie-?)genic from the left.

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