Day: July 5, 2004

Breakfast for Dinner?

In further confusing breakfast developments, we had waffles, eggs, and bacon for dinner. This is on top of the fact that I had no real breakfast until 10:45 when Fritz brought in a pop tart. We were still out of

GRE Practice Test

710 Verbal, 790 Quantitative. Seems pretty good to me. I didn’t try the analytical writing section, since I’m not going to pay $10 for someone official to check a practice test, but I figure I can get at least a

Best B.S. EVAR!!

From a sample essay response in a GRE practice test: “Simply put, without specialists, our society would find itself bogged down in the Sargasso Sea of information overload.” Doctor, I think I hyperextended my metaphor! “Hammer To Fall” from Greatest

Hi Sis!

My sister has an LJ now! only has one post so far, but maybe if I keep annoying her, she’ll have more of a reason to post. “Bennie and the Jets” from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

The 4th

All of Bruce’s minions were invited over the the Maxwell’s for tie-dyeing and a BBQ. The food was delicious and seemingly never-ending, including fresh vegetables, fruit salad, greek-marinated pork in pitas with yogurt and peppers, grilled chicken, corn on the