Month: July 2004

This Configuration File is THE DEVIL

You may recall me mentioning the new serial camera interface library I wrote for the Swarthmore Vision Module (SVM). I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting it to work. The unusual part was that I had had it functional

There Can Be Only One

I finally saw Highlander (the movie) last night. It’s pretty bad, and so very, very 80s… Of course, it redeems itself entirely on the merits of having a Queen soundtrack. I don’t understand how it relates to the TV series,

Brain in Overdrive

Do you ever find yourself in the state where you feel like your brain is more functional than usual? I felt like that yesterday. I was working on completely rewriting the serial interface for our cameras, and I just felt

I can speak camera!

A small sample conversation I just had with one of our robot’s cameras: FF 30 30 00 90 30 EF FF 30 30 00 B5 30 EF FF 30 30 00 76 31 EF FF 30 30 00 58 30

Checking Things Off

The best thing about making a list of things to do is crossing out the items on that list. I got a bunch of random stuff done today, but the majority of my list of things I need to do

Mmmm… Beer

I suppose “tipsy” would be more appropriate. I’m about to go to bed, but I thought I’d mention that the latest batch of Ye Olde Yale Haus Brau is now ready. Sean went for a Belgian whit this time, and

A Productive Day

So today, Fritz and I started off by putting a big list of everything we need to do up on the chalkboard in the mural room. There’s a lot of stuff to do in the next week, but a lot

Big Bag ‘o Stank

Today is one of those “do my laundry and dishes that have been accumulating for a month” days. Whee. I was going to go into work today, but I’ll probably just do some work remotely. I don’t want to walk

An Observation

1:37 pm is the time of day most appropriate for H4}{x0rZ: 1337 hours. Yeah, I said it. Deal with it.

The Memory-Allocating Power of Prayer

Nick’s 12-Step Guide to Fixing Mysterious Memory Errors Write some code and run it. Fail. Add a bunch of debug statements and rerun the code. Fail. Use GDB to find segmentation faults, bus errors, and bad access errors. Fail. Try