Got egged by ville rats on our way home from a party at Gabe’s (the apartment above the laundromat).

First pass: saved by bus shelter at Rutgers and Chester. Second pass: miss, fired between Fritz and me. Third pass: hit Luke, I got some spray on my right forearm and my purple CS t-shirt. I think the eggs were less than fresh.

I do not understand the mental process behind having fun by throwing eggs at people. TV… internet… even drinking… so many less destructive choices could have been made. Grawr.

Miscreants. Hooligans. Ne’er-do-wells!


6 responses to “Egged”

  1. Huh – this happened to me at the end of the semester, save that I was alone, unable to run (sick), and they missed me after three passes. I got them, though – reported their liscense plate. However, public safety did nothing (the fuckers). I was attacked by two wastes of precious carbon driving a small red honda. I’m no longer in possession of their liscense plate.

  2. These guys were cruising in style – a Toyota Camry. Unfortunately, Chester Ave. is not very well lit outside of the ville itself, so we couldn’t see their plates.

  3. sean reported it to the cops; it’s been a recurring problem, and they’re hard to catch. anyway, they’ve got our number now in case they are caught.

  4. You know, PA is still a carry and conceal state. I’m not suggesting you shoot anyone, but making it obviously that you’re not interested in their little game after the first pass makes problems like this go away fast.

  5. At least now I know they’re not just after Comma…

  6. Gah! Grrr….

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