Day: June 14, 2004

LJ Weirdness

Apparently, my last two entries, and probably this one as well, are only showing up on people’s friends pages, but not in my journal entries. Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?

The Silence of the Lambs

Creepy. Just… creepy. But very well done. Anthony Hopkins really pulled off the role, and I’d say that that’s pretty damn hard. However, not typically a movie I’d choose to see. I’m not a fan of disturbing movies, but this

A Beach Alight

I left Hicks this evening just in time to get rained on. As I walked by Parrish Beach, I saw many tiny lights in the grass. The storm front rolling in brought the fireflies out early, because of the darkening

Shelling out $$$

I’ve just paid for an LJ account for the next year – I figure I’ll definitely keep it through gradumutation. It is effectively replacing my MacAddict subscription, financially speaking. Expect more user icons shortly, but for now, bask in the