Overexertion -> Worthlessness

Yesterday I played ultimate frisbee for about an hour and a half after work. We had enough people that we split into two games, and as it happened, I ended up in a game with players at least a class or two above my “skill” level. The end result was that I was in a much more hardcore game. I took one short break in the middle to get my heart rate down, and then I got my second wind, and played for the rest of the game.

However, since then, I’ve have been totally out of it. Last night, I was coughing a little bit, and I can only assume that I got a little fluid in my lungs or did some minor damage (yay!), but I’m fine as of this morning. I guess I just really pushed myself, which is good, but it means I’ve been totally worthless today, and I haven’t gotten any real work done. Ah well.

Back to half-assedly poking around in the robot code…