Das Borkenbrain

We had an SCCS party tonight to say goodbye (just for the summer) to . I made American Flags (the drink, not the national symbol) for myself, Sasha, and Dan, and I also had some good beer (including a chickory stout that I had previously had at White Dog Cafe), and a Cinco de Mayo (with lemon in place of lime, due to supply).

We played Taboo, which was exceedingly silly. We also watched a little Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. I am convinced that a number of the shows, including Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law are much funnier (and make a lot more sense) when you’re under the influence of something.

I’m going to drink some fruity tea (non-caffeinated, of course), read a few chapters of Quicksilver, and hit the hay. This will make a good close to an excellent day, in which I played Ultimate Frisbee for a couple of hours, thereby exhausting myself (in addition to demonstrating my suckitude at the game – I will have to play more often).

I also tried to find a copy of Robo Rally, but eBay was just too rich for my blood. Since the game is so rare, I’ll just have to come up with my own solution. I think in the end I’ll be using SDL and CMU IPC to implement the game on the computer, which will be both a fun project and force further practice of my coding skills.

Now, I need to drink some water, and sleep. Good night!






6 responses to “Das Borkenbrain”

  1. flammifera Avatar

    We had an SCCS party tonight to say goodbye (just for the summer) to sashita.

    I thought it was just a general get-together, which now leaves me wondering why I didn´t get a party! I should´ve thrown one myself, obviously.

    I still need to get you to make me an American Flag sometime.

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force…[is] much funnier (and make a lot more sense) when you’re under the influence of something.

    I hope so. I´ve only seen it sober, and I think it´s incredibly stupid. Ask .

  2. giantlaser Avatar

    If you make that game, you will be loved far and wide by gamers everywhere. Including one in Iraq.

  3. uncleamos Avatar

    You’re clearly right about Aqua Teen.

    And given how funny it was sober….

    …must procure alcohol and download…

  4. wayman Avatar

    It’s all about the Brak Show. No alcohol necessary. I love it!

    I can’t stand Aqua Teen Hunger Force, on the other hand. I can’t imagine alcohol would help this turkey.

    Harvey Birdman is somewhere in between. Alcohol would probably help.

  5. kid_prufrock Avatar

    Was the chickory stout the Dogfish Head brand? I really like that beer. (You should try their 90-minute IPA — it’s fantastic.)

    I’d be happy to loan you my copy of Robo Rally when I’m around next year, for as long as you’d like. (I only use it very rarely.)

  6. sashita Avatar

    Um, call me next time there’s ultimate, or i’ll break your kneecaps, or just have fritz do it.

    And you know, I think it’s more of a French flag than an American flag, and that can only mean one thing. COMMUNIST!!!!

    So, COMRADE, how’s your summer going?

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