Get this…

‘s mom has a 1-800 number!! That is hilarious! Think of it what you will…

Heh… 1-800-FRITZS-MOM (not a real phone number, of course).

I promise to do a real update soon.


2 responses to “HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!”

  1. (not a real phone number, of course)

    It would be more effective if it were the right length. :-P

  2. Actually, my mother has an 800 number (well, actually an 877 number, but it’s toll free) too — it’s specifically so that I’ll call her more often (or was while I was in college — now I just call her at her regular number at off-peak times on my cell phone, since that’s free). I’m pretty sure that I’m the only person who actually has the number, since I’m an only child and the rest of my family can afford to call the regular way. It’s a service called Call Home America which is pretty much designed exactly for this purpose.

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