Your Star Burns!

An explanation of this post title. If you already know what I’m talking about, you’ll understand. Otherwise, click the link and be amused. It’s not my fault your world orbits a ball of fire.

I am almost very nearly done packing. The only things left are a few loose boxes, and the contents of one of my desk drawers. And lots of twist-ties. But I’m not packing those. Hopefully these items will fit in my last two boxes; otherwise is Plastic Bag City, or I make one more trip to the bookstore. I’m posting this right before packing up Chronos for my backpack.

The only room maintenance task I have left is to reattach my closet door. It’s hard to explain the configuration of my corner of the room, but my bed is bunked over my desk, which is located just to the right of my closet door. My closet was actually hidden behind a wall hanging, which was kind of neat. I use it rarely enough that the slight inconvenience in position didn’t matter, and the end result was that we got a lot more space in the room.

I’m really looking forward to next year. Two seniors have bequeathed a fridge and a futon to us, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that our room will kick ass. I don’t even have to mention the home theater setup, do I? Oh wait, I just did! :oP






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