Wharton Needs An Elevator

I was able to obtain a cart, which makes getting my boxes across campus fairly easy. Hicks has an elevator, wheelchair access, and smooth floors, and it’s slightly air-conditioned, so that end of each load is pretty nice. It’s the long process of carrying all of my boxes downstairs, individually, and then loading them onto said cart. Guh.

Note that I still haven’t slept… meh. I am currently sweating like a pig. I haven’t done anything this strenuous in a while. Including Emery’s boxes delivered to both Yale House and Hicks, Ben’s boxes that I moved to Hicks, and my own boxes that I just delivered to Hicks, I’d say I’ve moved “a box” about 100 times. This includes individual box repeats, loads, unloads, and so forth. At least my arms are getting a good workout.

Other than the tiredness and extreme effort required, my only other complaint is that I seem to have developed some sort of sweat burns on my legs, presumably because my shorts were rubbing against sweaty skin? I don’t know how such things work, but I have to walk with a very wide gait to avoid the pain. Bah. I’m sure my parental units will have a good salve or something when I get home (I tried aloe, to no effect).

I’m going to do a light run to drop some stuff at the SCCS and in Hicks, and then try and get some food somewhere on campus. I do not know if such a thing exists this early in the morning… I’m usually not awake :o).

I should be all done in the next 3.5 hours…


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  1. So, why are you moving everything to Hicks? I know engineers tend to spend a lot of time there, but actually moving in seems excessive…

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