In Which Nick Submits a Story to a Literary Magazine?

If you’re on campus, you should snag a copy of BEM (Bug-Eyed Magazine), SWIL’s annual sci-fi/fantasy magazine and read my story The Little SCCS. It’s nothing more than a really, really long e-mail I sent to SCCS staff a few months back when we were having… significant… problems with Dell’s customer service. I think it’s pretty funny, but if you don’t follow the inner workings of the SCCS, you probably won’t find it that entertaining.

I have already posted it here on LJ, but if you have forgotten about it, you can read it again. I don’t think anything changed between the original e-mail and what I submitted to BEM. If you want an explanation of the real story, ask, and I might post it here.

On a random note while I’m taking this 5-minute procrastination break from my last E25 lab report, I am way behind on posts. I still have 3 days of the Vienna trip to talk about, and I need to get on that before my memory fades. I also need to post my few pictures from the trip, even though ‘s are much better. I should also post about the two D&D one-shots I was in over the past week, which were much fun.

I leave Saturday. How am I going to finish all of this work and take a final and pack tomorrow? Ah well. It’ll get done. It always does…

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  1. I have a Mountain Dew cap to give you. :) Think of it as my end-of-junior-year for the Special K in my life!

    Call my cell tomorrow sometime before 2 (I have an exam 2-5) to figure out where to meet up, since I’ll be out in the evening.

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