Day: May 14, 2004

Goodbye, MacAddict

I’m trying to decide if I want to renew my MacAddict subscription. Normally, I wouldn’t even consider it, but there are five factors that are making me lean in that direction: Their production values have really dropped: they now have

(Almost) All Done

I zipped through my Artificial Intelligence final this afternoon. I only studied for about 45 minutes earlier this afternoon, where “studying” consists of flipping through my notes and a couple of the readings. The test was fairly easy; since it

In Which Nick Submits a Story to a Literary Magazine?

If you’re on campus, you should snag a copy of BEM (Bug-Eyed Magazine), SWIL’s annual sci-fi/fantasy magazine and read my story The Little SCCS. It’s nothing more than a really, really long e-mail I sent to SCCS staff a few