We Are Geniuses

Emery and I had a wonderful evening. We watched The Italian Job on the big screen, and it was in 5.1. It’s a very good movie. My only complaint was the hacking. Do movie producers realize how cheap it would be to write a program that spews text as if someone was using a terminal to “hack”? I mean, sure, the GUI wouldn’t be all purty, but I think that movie watchers would understand that hacking was happening. It would look even more arcane to them, and it would actually be realistic!

I successfully made an American Flag, which is a layered shot of grenadine, blue curaçao, and rum. It looks really, really neat; not sure if my picture of it turned out. On a related note, the shot glass my sister gave me for my 21st birthday last fall is huge.

Emery came up with the awesome idea of mixing salsa in with rice, so we had Mexican rice cooked by his far-too-smart Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker. We needed to use up the salsa, anyway. It was nummy.

Also, my E25 final project (with ) doesn’t work. It works in simulation perfectly, but nothing happens when I load it onto the Altera board. I hate Altera with a passion that exceeds the hatred which I have for Windows. Grawr.

The White Tree” from The Lord Of The Rings – The Return Of The King by Howard Shore


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  1. So you liked Italian Job? My parents saw it and really liked it, but I had already seen the trailers and was dubious, plus I *completely* disagree with my dad’s taste in movies.

    And you made an American Flag?!! I’m so jealous! Can you make one for me sometime?

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