Day: May 12, 2004

  • Engineering ≠ Enjoying

    Gah! I started typing “engineering” when I meant “enjoying” while chatting with about our Advanced Computer Perception final project. I didn’t realize that I was so deeply in its clutches. Well, maybe I did, but I refused to admit it. At any rate, work is going well. I will somehow finish everything and pack tomorrow. […]

  • Drowning in My Own Sweat

    It is 90° and 50% humidity in here. I am really looking forward to the New Dorm’s “individual climate control”. Who knows if we’ll actually be able to cool our room…

  • We Are Geniuses

    Emery and I had a wonderful evening. We watched The Italian Job on the big screen, and it was in 5.1. It’s a very good movie. My only complaint was the hacking. Do movie producers realize how cheap it would be to write a program that spews text as if someone was using a terminal […]