Happy Birthday Emery!

Emery turned 21 today! We celebrated by making a trip to Monk’s Cafe in Center City with Fritz, Taki, Emily, and Matt. I’m sure you’ve heard me (or perhaps ) extol the virtues of said Belgian Beer Emporium. Tonight our waiter suggested that we mix Young’s Double Chocolate Stout with Lindeman’s Framboise, which was interesting. The lambic still makes it too sweet for my tastes. I also had a Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (although I wanted a Hercule Stout with flip-top bottle, but they were out), and an apple ale from Quebec called Ephémèré, which was quite good. As always, the fries and burgers were amazing.

We returned to the room, cleaned up a bit, and some people came over to wish Emery a happy birthday. I gave him a fishing cat clock (complete with swinging tail and fishing rod) that I bought at this little woodcarving shop near Augustinerkirche in Vienna.

Emery and I finished off the night by depressing ourselves with another episode of Enterprise.

Now, I sleep.

A New Ending” from Star Trek – Nemesis by Jerry Goldsmith


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Emery!”

  1. You are lucky that you all are 21.

    Because you know what I hate? That you have to be 21 to go see a show at “The Fine Line”. GRRRR!! I’ve wanted to go to SO many shows there this year but no, I’m not 21! Sorry. //rant//


  2. I’ve never been to Monk’s, but I’ve just been perusing their beer list.

    If your taste tends in the same direction as mine (I prefer, dark, rich, sweet beers, with a strong malt presence and relatively little hops), you should try:

    Orkney Ale’s Skull Splitter
    Dogfish Head World Wide Stout
    Harviestoun Old Engine Oil sounds like a likely bet
    various others.

    Don’t bother with Fraoch Heather Ale–it’s an interesting idea, but in my opinion not worth the drinking.

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