Month: May 2004

A Week in the Life

I’ve got all of my stuff moved into ML 113 now, but I need to unpack most of it. It is very, very hot in here. I will try to find my fan before anything else. In the meantime, I

Harry Potter 3

My sister got to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban today. My aunt (who also lives in the Minneapolis area, Edina to be specific) works in advertising, and often gets freebies. In this case, my sister got to


Nothing bits biting into the first slice off of a block of extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar cheese. None of this white cheddar nonsense here in the Midwest. I managed to sleep through most of the flight to Minneapolis. I can’t

Your Star Burns!

An explanation of this post title. If you already know what I’m talking about, you’ll understand. Otherwise, click the link and be amused. It’s not my fault your world orbits a ball of fire. I am almost very nearly done

Wharton Needs An Elevator

I was able to obtain a cart, which makes getting my boxes across campus fairly easy. Hicks has an elevator, wheelchair access, and smooth floors, and it’s slightly air-conditioned, so that end of each load is pretty nice. It’s the

Still Not Packed

As usual, I am in full-on turbo crazy mode on the last day of the semester. I don’t know why this happens, but it always does. I haven’t really packed yet, although I have cleared out my closet, stuffed all

Goodbye, MacAddict

I’m trying to decide if I want to renew my MacAddict subscription. Normally, I wouldn’t even consider it, but there are five factors that are making me lean in that direction: Their production values have really dropped: they now have

(Almost) All Done

I zipped through my Artificial Intelligence final this afternoon. I only studied for about 45 minutes earlier this afternoon, where “studying” consists of flipping through my notes and a couple of the readings. The test was fairly easy; since it

In Which Nick Submits a Story to a Literary Magazine?

If you’re on campus, you should snag a copy of BEM (Bug-Eyed Magazine), SWIL’s annual sci-fi/fantasy magazine and read my story The Little SCCS. It’s nothing more than a really, really long e-mail I sent to SCCS staff a few

Engineering ≠ Enjoying

Gah! I started typing “engineering” when I meant “enjoying” while chatting with about our Advanced Computer Perception final project. I didn’t realize that I was so deeply in its clutches. Well, maybe I did, but I refused to admit it.