Viennese Food

Yum… there’s so much good stuff here.

Last night, we went to this nice place near Stephansplatz (the central pedestrian area of Vienna, near the cathedral). I had a beef cutlet, a decent dark beer, some chocolate crepes, and hot chocolate. I was so full I could barely stay awake. Having only slept 5 hours in the last 36 probably helped with that…

The hotel’s breakfast buffet was absolutely amazing. So many meats, cheeses, and rolls, not to mention fresh apricots. /me is sated.

This afternoon we went to a coffee place, and I had my first espresso. Considering how twitchy I am right now, I can see the appeal. I had a Viennese sausage with mustard and roll. It’s basically like a really high quality hot dog. It’s all sausage, of course, but the consistency is about that of a hot dog.

Fritz and I wandered around an island in the middle of the Danube before stopping by a grocery store to get some snacks. I am drinking Blood Orange Fanta, which is kind of weird. We also purchased Kindereggs, which are chocolate eggs that contain a toy. It’s illegal to import them into the US in large quantities, because of the supposed safety hazard. You can only find them in other countries, and at specialty confectioners. We got some of the RotK series, so I now have a tiny Bilbo figurine, complete with a German excerpt from the movie.

The talks I’ve attended so far have been pretty interesting. In a few minutes, I’ll be going to the closing keynote, which should be very good.

One of the speakers we’ve heard had an amazing project that he developed to label all of the images on the Web. I’m not kidding. His image guessing game is just that good. He estimates that it would take about 5000 people playing for only several weeks to eventually label everything. This would be an amazing resource for CS people, to have a corpus of images that large. Go play the ESP Game and help out!


3 responses to “Viennese Food”

  1. Mmm… Austrian food… I miss it.

    We discussed and played the ESP Game in one of my classes this fall at Drexel. It is pretty cool, though saying it would take a few weeks to label everything is pretty optimistic!

  2. Blood Orange Fanta!

    You know you want to bring some back for me!! :D <3

  3. KINDEREGGS!! *love* You can get them delivered from Canada. Do Austrian sausages have the same rolls as German ones – the round kind? I always thought it looked really amusing with about half the sausage sticking out either end of this spherical roll.

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