Day: April 27, 2004


1.5 hours until we leave for Vienna!!! A good question right now would be “Why aren’t I packing?”. Snagged this from … Introverted (I) 52.63% Extroverted (E) 47.37% Realistic (S) 54.05% Imaginative (N) 45.95% Intellectual (T) 66.67% Emotional (F) 33.33%

So Geeky It Hurts

I’m staying up late to help adjust my sleep schedule towards Vienna time. Instead of doing useful work (which would require a lot of typing, and might disturb Emery, who is asleep), I am studying Klingon out in the lounge.


Prof. Maxwell, , and I leave for Vienna tomorrow. It’s going to be awesome. Three days of brats, bots, and beer. I promise to post when I get back. “Green Eyes” from A Rush Of Blood To The Head by