Diplomacy and Snobby Liquor

Jake invited Emery and I over for a spontaneous game of Diplomancy. Rina and Jordan also played, but Emery was too tired, so he took on the role of gamemaster and order processor. I was Germany, Jordan was England, Rina was Austro-Hungary, and Jake was Russia (again).

I expected Jake to be a major threat, so I made no alliances with him, other than having a demilitarized zone along our mutual border, an agreement which held up for a grand total of 2 years. I thought I had Austria on my side, but as Germany, I didn’t actually have anything to offer Rina, other than splitting Italy. I thought England was on my side, and we split France. However, he convoyed a Russian army into Belgium, which was suspicious, but I thought we were tricking him into committing an army that would be destroyed. However, England and Austria both abandoned their pledged support, and all three powers attacked me simultaneously, leaving me with 2 home supply centers, Venice, and Paris. I was in an incredibly weak position at that point, so I abandoned the game.

After they split up Germany, I played a small bit of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Despite the stupid name, they managed to make the game significantly more awesome. I didn’t really get into the first mission, but I look forward to playing it all through at some point.

I don’t think my diplomacy skills were dulled by the alcohol, but rather by my brutal honesty. I have read on various strategy websites that honesty and trustworthiness in Diplomancy pay off in the long run; thus far, I haven’t seen it.

I started off the evening with a glass of brandy, which I’ve never had before. Jake didn’t have snifters, but he did have concave wine glasses, which were close enough. I was able to do a snooty German accent while playing and swirling my drink ;o). I followed the too-strong-for-my-tastes brandy with two glasses of port, each with a touch of sherry for sweetness. Both have great flavor, albeit a sweet flavor, and they do hit you out of the blue. Actually, it was probably the brandy that hit me hard and fast, and impaired my negotiation skills ;o). At any rate, a fun evening spent, after the awesome Lessig talk.

Oh, a note for : both Jake and Emery have finals the next day, and will be unable to join us for that scheduled game of Diplomancy. I’m sure we’ll find other players…

Now, I sleep.

Don’t Let Me Down” from 1967-1970 by The Beatles