Ladies’ Night

There really needs to be a “tipsy” mood. There’s an important distinction ;o).

Anyway, I had a good time at Geoff’s Ladies’ Night party, as always. I hadn’t been able to go for the last few weeks, due to work due on Friday. Tonight I was pretty much scott-free, with the exception of a little bit of VHDL coding for ‘s and my computer architecture final project.

brought his camera to the party, so there are a couple of silly pictures of me. I really can’t help making faces. I’m like a 6-year-old, drunk or sober :o). I also noticed that Geoff’s group of friends is really diverse, in a departmental sense. There are engineers, CS people, philosophers, english majors, chemists, biologists, and many more.

I spent a lot of time talking to people this evening. My original plan was to get some SCCS budgeting stuff taken care of, but my sister called and we talked for about an hour. Then I went to grab dinner at Tarble with , and we sat outside of the a capella concert in the belltower eating and talking. We ended up talking for two hours about all sorts of things, but a lot of it was spent talking about Christian literature.

It’s always nice to have a fun, social, and intelligent conversation here. I feel like often we’re so obsessed with work, that we don’t take the time to just absorb all that we have to offer each other. Last night, Emery and I were hanging out in the girl’s quad on our hall, talking mostly about housing, but also just socializing. We were there for three hours, and we finally ate the cheese and sparkling cider that they had given us a while ago. Mmmm… aged cheddar…

It may sound like I’ve done no work, but today was the presentation for my Linguistics term paper. The presentation was okay, although I think a lot of it was filler. It’s not that hard to show that Falc’hun was wrong. I definitely should have picked a better topic. Something computational. Ah, well. It’ll just be a sucky paper grade for a class that’s been very up-and-down in both grades and interest.

Also, for seminar today, and I had to re-read the paper on RHINO, a robot that uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) to navigate an unexplored area. We’re going to implement velocity space and its mapping techniques to significantly improve the capabilities of our robots in USR. We’re also going to perform brain surgery on Frodo, and I’ll be implementing a new full-screen FPS style interface. It’s going to be awesome. We also learned from Bruce that, in addition to going to AAAI with the robots, we get to tag along to CVPR, which should be interesting. It’s so great to have a mentor like Bruce, who wants to introduce us to all of these conferences.

5 days until Vienna!!!

You Never Give Me Your Money” from Abbey Road by The Beatles