I forgot to post about the outcome of the Summer Housing Lottery on Thursday night, or the regular Housing Lottery last night. I guess I’ve been too busy, what with my mom being here and all.

Over the summer, I’ll be living in one of the first-floor doubles with Ben Mitchell, on the front of ML.

Next year, Emery and I will be in ν 302, one of the loft doubles. We didn’t get our first choice, the huge loft double on the end of the hall. Stupid Rob… he’d better make good use of that room, because we were going to turn it into an awesome home theater. Ah well.

It should be a very nice space… assuming it’s finished in time. I’ll be here over the summer, so I should be able to monitor ν’s status closely.

You will probably notice that I am referring to the new dorm as ν. It seemed appropriate, considering that it’s name variable hasn’t been initialized yet…


2 responses to “Housing”

  1. If its name variable hasn’t been initialized yet, shouldn’t referencing it produce a segfault or perhaps some other unexpected result? As in, “Wow! I’m really excited about my room next year in Segmentation fault

  2. Depends on the type… I would expect something like “Wow! I’m really excited about my room next year in 1384572094283”

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