In addition to being the binary representation for 5, the title of this post also reflects that yesterday I hit the 100 posts mark! Woot! I still need to convert and backdate all of my entries from kuro5hin… but since those are HTML and XJournal uses XML, it’s just a matter of writing a script that converts between the two formats. Yay for Perl’s HTML::Parser.

Also, I am now registered for classes for the fall semester:

  • CS91 – Special Topics in Computer Security
  • E26 – Computer Graphics
  • E41 – Thermofluid Mechanics
  • PHIL12 – Logic

I’m taking CS91 because as an SCCS sysadmin, it seems like studying security carefully would be a good thing. Also, it will be an interesting course, and fulfill one of my CS electives. Computer graphics is also a CS course (yay for the cross-listing that makes my double major possible), but it’s taught by Bruce, so I pretty much have to take it ;o). E41 is a required course for all engineers, even computer engineers like me. It’s annoying that I have to waste a course slot taking it, when there are interesting CS courses I’d like to take. I think it’s a requirement of the program so the Engineering major can be accredited, but I don’t really know. It had better be, otherwise I’d be even more annoyed than I already am.

Philosophy 12, Logic, seems like a good cop-out huge manatees course for Natural Science people to take. I’ve heard good things about it. Does anyone know what Prof. Baker is like? Will he make me crazy?

Under Pressure” from Greatest Hits III by Queen & David Bowie


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  1. re: logic and baker

    well, i like him, i’m taking intro (metaphysics and epistemology) with him at the moment. i’m also considering taking logic. it sounds kind of interesting and i don’t know what i want to do besides psychology (if i go honors, i’ll have to choose something) so i might end up with a philosophy minor or something anyway. i don’t know or particularly care about the courses being offered in *your* part of academia next semester, but next semester seems like slim pickings in the non-psychology departments i’m interested in.

  2. HEY!!! I’m taking Logic too next semester. (If I go)

    So, we could be study buddies! =D haha


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