Another Weird Train Dream

These are seriously getting weirder and weirder. Maybe it was something I ate?

It started with my sister and I taking the train to New York (again). This time we had to change from a diesel to an electric train in Allenhurst, the station before Secaucus. I know that’s not the real station order, but bear with me.

Our first train was delayed, so we just missed the connecting train, meaning we had to wait around in the station. There was this weird looking hobo guy there, which freaked my sister out, so she called the transit police and made a report. We waited for a while in the basement under the platform.

I decided to go up to get some fresh air. At some point while I was up there, the hobo guy gave me a big hug, and stabbed me in the gut with a syringe. For some reason, the syringe looked like a wire-wrap tool, like the kind ganked from Hicks. At any rate, I stabbed him back, and he ran. I tried using the phone, but it wasn’t working, so I went over to the ticket booth, and got the employee there to call the police. The difficult part was that she had to use that little speaker thing on the window, and it was all staticky and crackly, so we couldn’t understand each other.

I recovered the syringe and wrapped it in plastic, so it would be evidence. That was when my mom showed up on the next train. Funny how moms always show up at the right time :o). We waited for the train that would take us on to Secaucus. Various trains passed through the station as we waited, including a number of school bus trains (bright yellow). One of them had only one wheel, and was tipping back and forth over its central axle.

We eventually got on our train. I was riding on top of the engine cab, right about the horn, with all of my bags. I had to keep ducking to avoid the low hanging catenary wires hung below low-clearance bridges. For some reason, my mom and my sister missed the train, and were running after it. We eventually reached Secaucus, and I decided to get off and wait for them to catch up with me there. I threw my bags off, and then jumped off myself. For some reason, my head wouldn’t stop oscillating back and forth after I jumped. It made it very difficult to interact with anyone. That’s what I get for playing with a computerized spring simulator before I go to sleep.

One of the details I found amusing was how much time I spent dealing with logistics. In a number of parts I was just moving my travel bags around. My backpack, as well as my big and small duffel bags. I was leaving them on stairs, throwing them from trains, etc. I guess I just didn’t want to forget them.

In summary, my brain is definitely broken. How do I combine all of these images so vividly? I am always a free-willed character in the dreams, and I’m usually myself. At various points, I am aware that it’s just a dream, but most of the time, I treat it as if it were real. The funniest part about that is that the fantastical content of many of my dreams doesn’t seem to bother me. I also seem to deal fairly well with the occasional logical contradiction, or even a complete discontinuity between dream sequences. At least my dreams are adventurous, even if they’re weird…

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” from The Beatles (The White Album) by The Beatles


2 responses to “Another Weird Train Dream”

  1. Your inner train geek is repressed and manifesting itself in your dreams. Release the geek and ride more trains. I’ll be glad to join you.

  2. Oh this is great.

    I don’t know what to say, but I like it.

    And I’m in for those trains Mark mentioned.

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