Huge Manatees

Heh. I always want to call them that.

I’m trying to decide what my humanities elective for next semester will be. Under the new not-PDC system, I’ve fulfilled that requirement, since I’m in a transition year. I just need a class that I can take pass-fail that I will actually enjoy. I was not a big fan of Spanish Literature last semester. Otherwise, pretty much anything goes; I just don’t think I like Literature-with-a-capital-L.

Do any of you have courses that you’d suggest? Inquiring computer engineers want to know… ;o)

Oh yeah, I suppose that they need to be courses that a senior can actually get into. I don’t mind reading, or writing, as long as I don’t have to make up obnoxious things that I don’t actually think to fit into a certain professorial mindset about literary interpretation…

King Of Spain” from Bargainville by Moxy Früvous


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  1. well, if you want to cheat, philosophy 12 spends a lot of its time just being like a relatively unsophisticated math course, or at least it used to.

    Classics courses taught in English tend to be fun, but the best one next semester is Turpin’s, which is a social science. i also liked Alan Berkowitz, so you might want to consider Chinese 016 (which is the same as Literature 016H) which is a literature course that looks like it might really be more of a cultural history course, and which i think looks like it wouldn’t require any actual knowledge of the Chinese language.

  2. If you want to hold out until the Spring (and really press your luck), rumor has it that Joel is teaching a Beatles course then.

  3. I really enjoyed the introductory courses I took in the Religion department: I took Intro, Phil Rel, and audited one of Heb Scrip or Chris Scrip briefly (but enjoyed it while I had time for it).

  4. Oh, another good approach: Take anything taught by a great prof. Check to make sure that the course in question has a good rep too, but starting with the prof and then picking a course seems likely to work out well.

  5. Opera was a lot of fun, and non-annoying; I don’t know when it’s being offered, though.

  6. I took Satire (in the English department) and really enjoyed the readings.

  7. Art History? An actual history class, if that would actually interest you. (I’m not a history person — I took Ancient with Rosaria at Swat b/c I was a Greek minor and figured that if I wasn’t taking the Historians seminar, I should at least read ’em in translation.)

    Ditto on the good-prof recommendation — passing a P/F class is not hard, even if you’re bored. But having fun requires more.

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