Random Playlists

Random Playlist 1, Nick 0.

As you can see, the Enterprise theme just came up on my playlist. ::shudder::

Why couldn’t it have been orchestral? Why???

Talking about this reminds me that I wrote a long rant about this back when I was using kuro5hin for my journal, which in turn reminds me that I need to write a perl script to convert all of my kuro5hin entries to match the XML format that XJournal uses. A quick glance at the files reveals that it won’t be too hard; a few regexps should do the trick. Yet another non-work project… AWESOME!

It’s a good thing that Bruce is so lenient with us when it comes to deadlines…

Where My Heart Will Take Me (TV Version)” from Enterprise by Diane Warren/Russell Watson


2 responses to “Random Playlists”

  1. Hey it is a pop song to appeal to the masses, give it a rest

  2. The more important question is WHY IS IT ON YOUR PLAYLIST?!

    And what are we watching tommorrow?

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