Day: April 11, 2004

  • Random Playlists

    Random Playlist 1, Nick 0. As you can see, the Enterprise theme just came up on my playlist. ::shudder:: Why couldn’t it have been orchestral? Why??? Talking about this reminds me that I wrote a long rant about this back when I was using kuro5hin for my journal, which in turn reminds me that I […]

  • Look! Up in the sky!

    It’s a post about SWIL! After over 48 straight hours of doing no work, I might as well keep my streak going… First of all, I’ve missed a number of meetings this semester, including the one where the most recent incident occurred. I don’t think I would call this SWIL politics, but rather SWIL sociology, […]

  • Weirder and Weirder…

    My dreams are approaching inexplicable. It started with my sister, her friend, a few of my friends from high school and I barely escaping the tidal wave caused by a comet in pact out in the harbor. We then spent a few hours trying to sneak onto a waterpark ride with Weird Al, that involved […]

  • Christ is Risen!

    He is Risen Indeed!! Ah, I love that responsory :o). The service was very nice, although the weather did not cooperate completely, so we didn’t have much of a sunrise. Still, the air was cool and crisp, there were a lot of people together to worship, the birds were calling each other, the woodpeckers were […]

  • Holy Week

    Hrm… there’s no default mood icon that is spiritual/contemplative/whatever. I am getting up in less than 4 hours to go to a sunrise easter service. Hopefully this will not completely make me crazy, seeing as how I have two lab reports to finish up tomorrow. I went to the service last year, and I really […]

  • Bunny Suits

    In the most recent Enterprise episode we watched, they finally got T’pol in a normal uniform. And hey, whaddayaknow, she looks a lot better than in her special pink bunny suit! Just like Counselor Troi looked better once she started wearing a normal uniform in the 6th and 7th seasons of NextGen. Dax always looked […]

  • All-day Gaming Session

    I must be halfway to the Earth’s core at the rate I’m digging myself into this geek hole… Today we played in Jake’s feudal Japan D&D adventure. It was really just a D20 system massive battle, but it was pretty cool. He incorporated a lot of his knowledge of Japanese culture and language. My only […]