What is wrong with me?

GAH! I must be b0rk3n or something…

I was writing (as in pencil and paper) my Linguistics homework a moment ago, and I used a word when I was unsure of the correct spelling. After I wrote the word, I paused for a split second to allow the OS X spellchecker to underline the word with red if I was wrong. Then I realized I was writing, not typing on my computer.

Help! My brain is being taken over by computers! Actually… don’t help. This could be fun ;o).

In case you’re curious, the word was stigmatization. Too bad I don’t have time to take a sociolinguistics (which isn’t in my spell checker) class at Swarthmore.

Comfort Eagle” from Comfort Eagle by Cake






10 responses to “What is wrong with me?”

  1. crystalpyramid Avatar

    Have you ever opened a notebook and immediately written ‘ssh username@host’ ? That was when I realized they’d taken over my brain.

  2. stormwynd Avatar

    The closest that I’ve ever come to doing something like this is when I was still using a Palm Pilot, every now and then I would start printing in Graffiti.

    Help! My brain is being taken over by computers! Actually… don’t help. This could be fun ;o).

    You’re OK as long as your brain is running OS X or Linux. God help you if your brain’s OS is Windows-based.

  3. wayman Avatar

    I didn’t know you listened to Cake. Cool; I discovered them not too long ago, being decades (or at least years) behind the music curve.

  4. irilyth Avatar

    I was going to say “wow, I’ve never done anything like that”, until I realized that I can’t remember the last time I opened a notebook…

  5. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    He had a number of their albums when we lived together freshman year. I have since bought Comfort Eagle (obviously), and I intend to buy their other albums once my first summer paycheck arrives…

  6. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    I just realized the other day, when my May issue of MacAddict arrived, that I have been subscribed to the magazine for over 7 years.

    OS X all the way :o).

  7. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    I’ve been taking a lot less notes this semester. I think if I didn’t have a big laptop (good for DVDs and games) I might type in class. Although the notation would probably slow me up somewhat.

    My PBG4 is light, but it’s an inconvenience to unplug all of my peripherals, and it is kind of large.

    I doubt I will have much use for paper after I graduate. Electronic communication, and maybe the occasional whiteboard…

  8. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Because if you’re serious, you’re in far worse shape than I am. Or ahead of me, depending on your point of view.

  9. crystalpyramid Avatar

    I wish. No, I’m dead serious.

    Of course, the scary thing is that OS X is what’s taking over my brain, when my computer’s running Windows.

    Damn Swarthmore. Now I’m incompatible with my own computer.

  10. tirerim Avatar

    I once had a dream in which my alarm went off and I had to kill the process to get it to shut off…

    sociolinguistics (which isn’t in my spell checker)

    You know, they should make jargon modules for spellcheckers. So instead of having to enter all the terms you commonly use in by hand, you could just download the linguistics module and have them all ready.

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