Winging Westward

For some reason, I am completely unmotivated to work on any of my current coding projects. I worked on my Artificial Intelligence project this afternoon with Zac, and we’ve tied my fractal generator and computer vision scoring system into his image generation function and genetic algorithm. Wow. Isn’t it awesome how I just wrote a sentence that was almost entirely technobabble? Maybe my childhood dream to be like Geordi LaForge is finally coming true…

At any rate, our software is pretty neat, although I know it’s going to be making images as cool as this evolved art. It’s funny how I can probably make computers make better art than I ever could…

Speaking of art, based on my tours of art museums on our spring break trip to New York, and some of the stuff I’ve learned in Computer Vision, and a conversation I had with Casey while riding in a canoe down a creek this past weekend, I have decided that if I ever become an artist, all of my pieces will be some sort of optical illusion. They’re just that cool! Now that was a sentence… :o)

I’m installing the various utilities and Python add-ons on my computer so I can run the Pyro (Python Robotics) system on my computer. That way I won’t have to chew up processor cycles on one of the CS department machines over a remote connection. In other words, I’m creating an excuse for not doing my work right now, because I have to wait for this software to compile and install.

Hmm. I just realized I’ve written a post that has almost nothing to do with the subject and mood I originally input. I watched three episodes of The West Wing tonight. I’d seen them all before, with my family over one of my breaks at home, but I still really love the show. There’s something very inspiring about seeing good, honest, moral people working in our government. It’s just too bad that they’re sort of fictional… Stupid Bush.

On one more random note, I can’t get the neat Markov model random post generator to work. I think it’s because I don’t have the RSS feed that comes with a paid account. Once I get my first summer paycheck, I think I’ll subscribe. Seems like it would be worth it; I have soooo many evil userpic ideas :oD.

And now it’s time to call my sister and commiserate about how much work we have. Hopefully tonight I won’t make her cell phone ring while she’s in the library!

Where The Streets Have No Name” from The Best Of 1980-1990 by U2


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  1. It’s mighty strange that the Markov generator doesn’t work for you; your RSS feed loads just fine for me. Maybe complain to the author?

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