Alcohol ≠ Depressant?

So it seems that whenever I drink a little, I get really hyper, instead of tired like most people. This tends to make me do late night surfing or coding sessions on my computer.

All I can figure is that my body kicks up the metabolism a notch to get the alcohol out, and as a side effect, I stay up late and get a similar sort of twitchiness that I have when I have too much caffeine.

Go figure.

You Can’t Be Too Careful” from Thornhill by Moxy Früvous


2 responses to “Alcohol ≠ Depressant?”

  1. That, or your natural state involves staying up late and screwing around with your computer, so that’s what you do when your inhibitions are reduced. I find that I’m more likely to read novels in public when I’m drunk.

  2. When my inhibitions are reduced, I talk incessantly about Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, computers, or linguistics. Which are the topics I would talk about all the time if it were more socially acceptable ;o).

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