LJ Serial Adder

Grawr. The whole concept of friending me for no other reason than to friend me is really bothersome.

Is this an abuse of the system that I can complain about?

Or is there no point?

The Climb” from Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt


9 responses to “LJ Serial Adder”

  1. It is April, sir, and you have been Fooled.

  2. The sad part is that I can fairly safely assume that someone would do that.

    I noticed the Stalking/Stalked By bit… and I assumed that was all they had done :o\.

  3. There is a way to d-1337 annoying people.

    go here:


    and write: ban_set *name here* (minus the ‘*’s)

    and that takes them off =^)

    Also, they say that by compiling aggregate data, they’ll be able to ID and ban serial frienders/trolls faster. Only, it sorta necessitates people knowing about this =^\

    Stupid annoying serial adders who think it’s funny for april fool’s day are, of course, the least mean-spirited, but it’s still f^*%!&g stupid.

  4. It sounds like something funny is supposed to happen when you ban this user, but I don’t see anything obvious… Am I missing it?

  5. It doesn’t actually delete them.

  6. That’s not nearly as funny as I was hoping; I was figuring it would put a cartoony mustache on your userpic or something. :^)

  7. Funny, it did for me. I swear. Are you sure it’s sans asterisk? And you’re logged in?

    (this isn’t a joke or anything- I told

  8. I ran the command, it said it worked, but my friends page didn’t reflect the change. Maybe it was a caching issue; they’re gone now…

  9. I think they turned it off, perhaps because they got over thirteen thousand comments on the post in the lj_serialadder journal. I am not making this up.

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