A Fun Dream

I had one of my classic vivid dreams last night. It was fairly realistic, but, as usual, there were some fantastic elements.

I’m not sure exactly where it started, but my sister and I were touring New York City( which we did in reality over spring break). The first thing I remember was going to this place called the Boar’s Head Cafe, which only sold the Boar’s Head lunchmeat that they advertise here at the co-op. We had to wait a while in line, because everyone was paying with credit, and there was a really long delay. I paid in exact change, but everyone behind me in line still glared, as if I were the one causing the delay.

After dinner, we seemed to be riding NJT out of the city. The interesting part was, we passed the same dream-version of the Secaucus station that I saw in a dream that I had a few weeks ago. Somehow we looped back into the city, and we were exploring some old theater.

While we were out and about, a bunch of people were calling me “zealot”, and “partisan”, because I was wearing my Apple t-shirt. Obviously, I feel persecuted ;o). Also, for some reason, we were pushing a baby around in a stroller suddenly. Somehow, the baby had gotten his hands on a Nokia N-Gage, and was playing games on it. I took it away and gave it to a passerby, and then picked up the stroller.

We got back on the subway, which naturally made a stop halfway up the Sears Tower. In New York. And there were two Sears Towers. Go figure. The subway worked its way back down to ground level, and we got off somewhere and explored again.

At this point, there was definitely a third person there, male, but I don’t know who he was. We crossed a very hilly version of Central Park in the dark, with only the light from my iPod to guide us. No, I’m not kidding. We found our selves entering a deep underground station for the red line (which had A trains… even though I know they’re on the blue line). We got on an A train, which headed out into the Hudson. Literally.

We were traveling along on the bottom of the river, and we passed by the well-lit-up wreck of the Titanic. I tried to take pictures, but I spent almost the entire time trying to get my camera in no-flash mode so it wouldn’t reflect off of the windows of the (apparently pressurized) subway car. Unfortunately, I missed most of the audio tour the conductor was giving us. I think it consisted mostly of lines from Dr. Ballard’s book.

We looped around, and could see a pod of those Kree fish from Star Wars: Episode I swimming downstream. There was also a lit up full-size model of the Nautilus sitting on the riverbed. The tracks rose up out of the water, and we noticed that it was sunny out. Somehow, it was 8 am, and we had spent the entire night touring the city. My sister and I panicked and got off at the next stop.

And that’s about when I woke up. , , I blame you for the transportation-related dream.

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” from A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay


8 responses to “A Fun Dream”

  1. I think it’s pretty clear that you’ve experienced all of the realistic transportation elements in the dream on your own, and that it’s no fault of mine that you put them all together like that.

    For the future, if you angle the camera so that it isn’t parallel to the window, you tend to minimize the flash effect.

    That, and lay off the crack :)

  2. oh lord… you DREAM iPod ads…

  3. Wow, your dreams rock!

  4. There was also a lit up full-size model of the Nautilus sitting on the riverbed.

    Hee. I wanna have dreams with the Nautilus, dammit!

  5. It’s funny that I locked onto this element of being rushed, and continually hitting the flash toggle too many times.

    You know you wanna smoke the big shiny crackrock with me… if nothing else, for the dreams about trains :oP

  6. The Titanic part made me far happier. I’ll let you know if I ever have a dream on the Nautilus, because that would be totally sweet.

  7. I mean… iPods!

  8. Hell, I love my iPod more than is strictly healthy…

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