The migration of Britons from Britain to Brittany

Yup, still working on the paper. I’ve got almost an entire half-page since my last post, which isn’t terrible, I suppose. The title of this entry is a phrase I just wrote for the paper. Cool, huh?

Guh… at least I’m on the conclusion. Then I’ll give it the old once-over, and write up my references section. Too bad this is only the rough draft; that means I’ll have to work on it again later. On the other hand, good thing this is a rough draft; that means that I’ll have the chance to make this paper better. Theoretically, at any rate.

I should point out that this is a very atypical reaction for me. Up until this paper, I think all of my work this semester has been fun to some extent. Even last semester, with the possible exception of Spanish, my work was a lot of fun.

At least I enjoy programming. Computers are never mean to me, unlike those filthy traitorous languages. Chronos loves me! And , I don’t want to hear about how I spelled Kronos wrong. Stupid classicists… :oP

The Black Gate Is Closed” from The Lord of The Rings – The Two Towers by Howard Shore


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  1. Chronos loves me!

    It’s probably a good thing you spelled it wrong, then. Because, y’know, if it were Kronos, it probably wouldn’t love you. I mean, he ate his children…

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