Day: March 30, 2004

Classic Rock

Ah… I love it when my otherwise random playlist is nice to me. I just got some Led Zeppelin, followed by The Who’s “Pinball Wizard”, followed by Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”, and now, Steve Miller Band. I win. I

The migration of Britons from Britain to Brittany

Yup, still working on the paper. I’ve got almost an entire half-page since my last post, which isn’t terrible, I suppose. The title of this entry is a phrase I just wrote for the paper. Cool, huh? Guh… at least

Ancient Europe

Guess what… I’m still working on my paper! And even better, I’m still slacking off by posting in my LJ. Clearly, I win… In studying Breton, I’ve had to do some reading on the Celts. I’m really annoyed by the