Bleh. Paper.

I am half-assedly working on my Historical and Comparative Linguistics paper. It’s on how Modern Breton is not a descendant of ancient Gaulish. I wanted to do a paper on the evolution of the Elvish languages, particularly Quenya, but Sean said that, although they are linguistically valid, they might have a history that’s a little too convenient.

So now I’m stuck proving that François Falc’hun was a nutcase.

Unfortunately, there’s very little actual linguistic data out there, so I’m going to have a hard time writing anything really conclusive. I really, really am not enjoying this paper, which is probably why I’ve procrastinated on it so much. The rough draft is due tomorrow.

Did I work on it this weekend? No, I played with oraclebot and ate good food. Did I work on it this afternoon? No, I played on my computer and took a nap. Did I work on it tonight? Barely, I surfed the Net and cleaned my keyboard. Will I work on it tomorrow? Yes, because I’m going to watch 24 now instead of finishing my work.

What. An. Idiot.

Shelob’s Lair” from The Lord Of The Rings – The Return Of The King by Howard Shore


3 responses to “Bleh. Paper.”

  1. You have my sympathy but I must say I’m slightly relieved (as I’ve made entirely no progress yet myself). Why didn’t we pick easy topics? Ah well – perhaps I’ll make some sense of the Kwa progressive morpheme. Or perhaps I’ll just write 10 pages of garbage and hope that I can come up with something more sensible by the time the final version is due.

  2. at least you know what you’re talking about. What with the thesis, and all.

  3. You’d think that, but I’m having my doubts…

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