Bleh. Paper.

I am half-assedly working on my Historical and Comparative Linguistics paper. It’s on how Modern Breton is not a descendant of ancient Gaulish. I wanted to do a paper on the evolution of the Elvish languages, particularly Quenya, but Sean said that, although they are linguistically valid, they might have a history that’s a little too convenient.

So now I’m stuck proving that François Falc’hun was a nutcase.

Unfortunately, there’s very little actual linguistic data out there, so I’m going to have a hard time writing anything really conclusive. I really, really am not enjoying this paper, which is probably why I’ve procrastinated on it so much. The rough draft is due tomorrow.

Did I work on it this weekend? No, I played with oraclebot and ate good food. Did I work on it this afternoon? No, I played on my computer and took a nap. Did I work on it tonight? Barely, I surfed the Net and cleaned my keyboard. Will I work on it tomorrow? Yes, because I’m going to watch 24 now instead of finishing my work.

What. An. Idiot.

Shelob’s Lair” from The Lord Of The Rings – The Return Of The King by Howard Shore

3 comments on “Bleh. Paper.
  1. You have my sympathy but I must say I’m slightly relieved (as I’ve made entirely no progress yet myself). Why didn’t we pick easy topics? Ah well – perhaps I’ll make some sense of the Kwa progressive morpheme. Or perhaps I’ll just write 10 pages of garbage and hope that I can come up with something more sensible by the time the final version is due.

  2. Nicolas Ward says:

    at least you know what you’re talking about. What with the thesis, and all.

  3. You’d think that, but I’m having my doubts…

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