My Laptop Cooling Pad is Dying…

The under-laptop cooling fan I bought freshman year is dying a slow, slow death. I think the little electric motors are seizing up every couple of rotations, but whatever it is, they’re making some pretty awful noises. At least it was only $20, and since I run it whenever my laptop is on, I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it.

I gave it a pretty thorough cleaning with a brush and compressed air, but it’s still pretty bad. Maybe I should crack open the case and see if one of the fans is out of alignment?

This is what I currently have, although I got an older version that has an AC adapter instead of a USB interface.

This is what I want to replace it with (unfortunately requires Flash, grarr, but that’s a rant for another post). My one concern about the design is the front lip, which blocks the slot-loading drive on my PBG4. However, their box art depicts use with a G4 (presumably due to the stylish metal look), which I find amusing. I think, however, that I can deal with that, since I rarely use CDs or even DVDs, except when I’m on the road. I wouldn’t bring my pad with me in that case. Also, if I did accidentally eject while my laptop’s slot was blocked, I think I’d notice in time to prevent badness.

The only problem is, I won’t really be able to buy it until I get my first summer paycheck. My wonderful spring break trip to New York City cut things a little close. Hopefully my existing cooler will last until then, because otherwise I really can’t leave my computer open all day.

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  1. Electric motors will burn out if left running at too high a level for too long (but you know this, right?). Thus the trick is to run them at high levels for short times or low levels for long times. The former is good for subways and other trains with short distances between stops (accelerate, coast, stop, repeat) while I think the latter is better for fans. But I’m just a Civil Engineer, what do I know?

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