Things I Did Today That I Wish I Hadn’t

-Tried chocolate soy milk
-Left AI homework to last minute, forcing me to stay up very, very late… again

I have gotten so little sleep this week. It’s mostly oraclebot’s fault. I hope you’re all happy. Nick sleep now.

Bring Him Home” from Les Misérables by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg & Herbert Kretzmer

5 comments on “Things I Did Today That I Wish I Hadn’t
  1. What’s wrong with chocolate soymilk? Chocolate soymilk is good, almost as good as carob soymilk.

    Thank you for the bot, though. Is it done and shiny yet?

  2. Nicolas Ward says:

    It’s not so much the taste as the texture, although they do both count quite a bit. Texture tends to be an important factor for determining why I don’t like a given food. In this case, milk should not be grainy. Ewww!!!

    As for the bot… it’s just too much fun to code :o). I do it before I do my other work, which is bad. v.80 is almost ready – I just need to do a little more testing, but I think all of the features I want are in there.

  3. flammifera says:

    I have been listening to Les Misérables all week! :)

  4. tapas says:

    Hm. Soymilk isn’t generally grainy. Perhaps you were a victim of inadequately mixed cocoa powder?

  5. idreampink says:

    Hi, random girl from minnesota here new to LJ. You seem interesting (in a good way) so i added you. Feel free to add me back if you;d like! =)
    Oh, I’m 19/F/MN!

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