Phone Droppage

So last night when I was getting ready for bed, I forgot to take my cell phone off of my belt before removing my pants. It popped off and fell to the floor with a rather nasty crack-with-piece-of-plastic-flying-somewhere noise.

Thankfully, the $5 belt clip took the brunt of the blow; unfortunately, the piece that broke on it is the part of the clip that attaches to the phone, so the belt clip is now useless. I think I might get a protective-case clip for about $15. That is of course assuming that I have money to spend.

This is not the first time I’ve dropped my phone in the last three months. The (potentially) worst was when it fell about 6 feet onto a concrete floor. I was up on a stepladder stretching to grab some wiring, and my coat’s waistband caught under the phone and pulled it off of my belt.

Still, Hermes is a sturdy little phone. He only has two nicks, one on the bottom near the power/data port, and a scratch on the side of the screen when I walked the phone right into a door jamb. One of the buttons on the side of the phone might be a little wonky, but seeing as how it’s the “activate voice recognition” button, and the voice recognition barely works, it’s not a big deal.

I definitely need to invest in a better case. The only item I’ve had that comes close to meeting my new cell phone in on-person usage is my iPod Orpheus, and he’s been in a good case pretty much the whole time.

Still, I suppose I’m doing pretty well. Hermes hasn’t been run over, or dropped in a lake, or stepped on, or eating by a pack of rabid wolves, or…

Anthem” from The Mission by Steve Green


6 responses to “Phone Droppage”

  1. I used to wear a pager on a belt clip, and it was always bonking into things, getting caught on doorways, and flying off when I was in a hurry (e.g. running through the rain to catch the train). I put my stuff in my pockets these days, and think belt clips are a pretty bad idea. :^p

  2. Like Irilyth, I gave up on belt clips a long while ago. My cell phone has lived happily in my jacket pocket since the fall, though I’m not sure what I’ll do come warmer weather. I used to carry it in my trousers pocket, but I’ve broken three antennae that way (about once every four months) so I’m trying to avoid this now, much as it’s the most convenient thing to do. Maybe I need to get cargo pants, so I have pockets that don’t get sat upon. (Hey, you’ve got uberpants, surely there’s a pocket fit for a phone in them, no?)

  3. There are certainly pockets, but the location varies slightly from überpants to überpants. I like having my phone in one place. I think that if I get one of the covered belt-clip holders, I might be better off.

  4. I like the names. :)

  5. Check out vests! :) There are often light ones with a multitude of pockets, perfect for spring/fall wear, at least, and probably can be worn into more of the summer than a jacket.

  6. I’m a big fan of the cargo pockets method of carrying phones (and keys, wallet, kleenex, candy, trash, etc.). It’s had a much better success rate for me that the small compartment of backpack method of carrying cell phones. *grumble, grumble* Belt thingies get in my way, but if it works for you, go wild. I wouldn’t worry about a few small drops. I have dropped pretty much every electronic item that I own (except Legolas, my beloved laptop)(knock on wood), and pretty much all of them still work. When I was taking classes that required me to carry around a graphing calculator I would drop it nearly every day, and it still works fine. But then again I think you baby your gadgets way more than I do.

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