Month: March 2004

A Fun Dream

I had one of my classic vivid dreams last night. It was fairly realistic, but, as usual, there were some fantastic elements. I’m not sure exactly where it started, but my sister and I were touring New York City( which


And with the final play of “smarm”, which Emery unwisely challenged, I am Scrabble Champion again. About time I broke his streak. He was almost catching up to me in the stats. Here’s a plot of our average game, as

Classic Rock

Ah… I love it when my otherwise random playlist is nice to me. I just got some Led Zeppelin, followed by The Who’s “Pinball Wizard”, followed by Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”, and now, Steve Miller Band. I win. I

The migration of Britons from Britain to Brittany

Yup, still working on the paper. I’ve got almost an entire half-page since my last post, which isn’t terrible, I suppose. The title of this entry is a phrase I just wrote for the paper. Cool, huh? Guh… at least

Ancient Europe

Guess what… I’m still working on my paper! And even better, I’m still slacking off by posting in my LJ. Clearly, I win… In studying Breton, I’ve had to do some reading on the Celts. I’m really annoyed by the

Bleh. Paper.

I am half-assedly working on my Historical and Comparative Linguistics paper. It’s on how Modern Breton is not a descendant of ancient Gaulish. I wanted to do a paper on the evolution of the Elvish languages, particularly Quenya, but Sean

Photo Opportunity!!!

Emery and I found a really cool place to take a picture, although unfortunately neither of our cameras would be up to the task. At the University City SEPTA station, there’s a long tube-like arch over the station platform. If

My Laptop Cooling Pad is Dying…

The under-laptop cooling fan I bought freshman year is dying a slow, slow death. I think the little electric motors are seizing up every couple of rotations, but whatever it is, they’re making some pretty awful noises. At least it


So I’ve been having conversations with a few people who read my LJ, focusing on my comments about Sager in my previous post. I’m going to try and explain myself here, but I’m probably just going to make things worse.

I Miss Theater…

When I went to get dinner at Tarble tonight, I ran into one of my friends, who mentioned that he was having a party. I assumed that it was an alternative-to-Sager party, because he said it would just be him