443 Google Hits!

I have made my mark on the webverse – 443 hits for ultranurd… and they’re all me!!! Yay!

Hmm. Maybe I should stop Googling myself, or updating my web page, and just go to sleep?

Random note: A draft of my new-and-improved web page is online: Nurd Central. So far the only sections are a description of the family tree project that I had mentioned earlier, and an info section about the website.

For some reason, I’ve put the whole thing up under the GNU Free Documentation License… that doesn’t seem quite appropriate. Can anyone recommend a better copyleft license for a website?

As for the family tree, I upgraded to a newer version of GRAMPS, and I modified my XHTML template a little bit. You know get a miniature grandparents family tree on each person page, and at least all of my code is XHTML compliant. GRAMPS’ generated code is less so. Oh well.

Sleep. Now.

I Believe In You Now” from Live The Life by Michael W. Smith


2 responses to “443 Google Hits!”

  1. Have you checked the Creative Commons site? They’ve got a whole bunch of different licenses for written work and I think even the option for rolling your own if you really want to muck around with lots of details.

  2. ::smack:: Duh. Creative Commons. And here I was looking at the FSF… :o\

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