Dell is Jenius with a Capital J

The SCCS recently ordered some drive carriers from Dell, for our new hard drives. Unfortunately, they did not send us enough screws. We convinced them to send us more.

They expressed us a single screw. They sent us a 2-cent screw at a shipping cost of approximately $8. A practically free screw… for $8 in shipping. That’s S-M-R-T!!!!


5 responses to “Dell is Jenius with a Capital J”

  1. I’ve had a pretty good experience with Dell. Granted, I was dealing with them for a product under warrenty, but both times I knew exactly what was wrong (part was dead) and once I convinced them of this, they rush-delivered me a new one. The trick is breaking them off the script and telling them exactly what you want, and they’re pretty good about it.

  2. Isn’t the obvious conclusion, given the evidence (1. Not enough screws came with product; 2. Not enough screws shipped in followup package), that Dell’s tech support folks have … a few screws loose?

  3. I would say that we got screwed by Dell.

  4. You win :-)

  5. Do you scrue the day you bought servers from them?

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