Maps Can Be Fun!!

US States:

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The World:

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Hopefully I’ll be able to add Austria in April…

Walk Of Life” from Money For Nothing by Dire Straits


3 responses to “Maps Can Be Fun!!”

  1. How did you get to Utah, Colorado, and Arizona and miss New Mexico?

  2. Utah and Arizona were on one trip, a driving loop from Salt Lake City, down to the Grand Canyon, over to LA, up to San Francisco, over to Yosemite, up to Reno, over to Salt Lake City.

    Colorado was done on a separate loop from Minneapolis, down to Kansas City, over to Denver, up to Cheyenne, over to Sioux Falls, up to Minneapolis.

    Thus I was nowhere near New Mexico on those trips.

    The closest I’ve been (i.e. I could *see* New Mexico) was when I was in El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hop across the border.

  3. Since i traveled with you to Europe twice I cannot understand why you don’t have all the countries that you visited colored in. have you forgotten those great trips already?


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