Just a wee bit tipsy

A brief anecdote from tonight’s pub night alternative at Geoff’s:

Fritz threatened to throw me in Geoff’s closet for being silly and a bit annoying. I obliged and went in the closet myself. Geoff complained because his clothes were in there. Once I got in and the doors were closed, someone blocked the door.

I had memorized Geoff’s extension before coming over, in case I needed to use the callbox to get into Pittenger. I called his phone on my cell phone, which was on my belt. He was initially confused, but then I said “Hi Geoff, this is Nick. I’m in your closet”. Everyone laughed.

It appears I’m really good at being the entertainment. It probably helps that I get drunk a lot more quickly than anyone else, because I’m a total lightweight. There are two advantages to this: first, I get drunk quickly, without a significant expenditure on alcohol, and second, I get undrunk quickly, which means I’m already sobering up so I can sleep without worrying about being ill or even hungover in the morning.

I win. :o)

Medley – Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In” from Forrest Gump by The Fifth Dimension


6 responses to “Just a wee bit tipsy”

  1. I didn’t know you were in the closet.

    Well, I won’t tell anyone.

  2. because I’m a total lightweight.

    After hearing this like 10 times from you and Fritz, I’m curious if my new 1337 European drinking skillz can drink you under the table. ;)

  3. Because I will give up shortly after getting drunk. No point in getting sick!

  4. I know that, silly. I often don’t even get as far as ‘drunk’, although I’m sure I’m affected in some way. I’m saying…I’ve never even gotten to the point where I’ve done nonsensical things like you do.

  5. Think of how non-sensical I am normally. Now just lower my inhibitions slightly. I think that pretty much explains everything.

  6. Welcome, fellow lightweight. Not to mention the plus of amusing others simply by the rate at which you get drunk.

    I also welcome other people with senses of humor that lean to the unexpected. I do wonder how drinking would affect me in larger settings, since I’m very silly and not afraid to talk in familiar settings, and much less so in more public places.

    -Dan Blim =)

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