I didn’t meme to meme that meme!

I am so sorry. This is my sister’s fault. She forwarded it to me. I don’t do e-mail forwards on principle, so I’m posting it here. The only reason I filled it out is because she said in hers that I would be the least likely to respond. Hah! I showed her!

1. What time is it? 2:25pm
2. Name: Nick
3. Name on birth certificate: Nicolas Cameron Ward
4. Nicknames: Nurd, UltraNurd, Geek, Boy (I love you too, freak)
5. Number of candles on last birthday cake: 21, although I haven’t had a birthday cake since… a long time ago. No one loves me!
6. Birthday: October 25th, 1982
7. Pets: Never
8. Hair color: Brown
9. Piercings: None
10. Eyes: Light Blue, Grey, or Green, depending on the humidity and what I’m wearing
11. Hometown: Seattle by birth, Minneapolis area growing up, Philadelphia by schooling
12. Town you live in now: Swarthmore, PA. This place is empty.
13. Favorite food: Anything chocolate, ramen, macaroni & cheese, ramen, good meat sandwiches (Countryside Market!)
14. Been to Africa: Negatory
15. Toilet papering houses? Ni!
16. Love someone so much it made you cry? Nope, I’m a loser.
17. Been in a car accident: Yup, but only as a passenger. People need to learn to stop at stoplights…
18. Croutons or bacon bits? Bacos! I love their artificial salty soy-based goodness.
19. Favorite day? Friday & Saturday – I either party or nurd up by playing D&D or Puzzle Pirates or something.
20. Favorite Restaurant: Countryside Market for the sandwiches, Iron Hill for the burgers & beer, Taco Bell for the gutbombs.
22. Favorite sport to watch: Football and soccer.
23. Favorite drink: Mountain Dew, the Elixir of Life, sweet Ambrosia, Nectar of the Gods…
24. Disney or Warner Bros.: Disney is sooo evil… more evil than Microsoft… they killed Radio AAHS! But Disney is responsible for the funniest movie ever, The Emperor’s New Groove. Beware the groove!
25. Favorite ice cream: Triple Chocolate at Oink’s in Michigan
26. Favorite fast food restaurant: I guess I was supposed to put TBell here. I really like Burger King too, although they got rid of the Big King :o(.
27. Color of your bedroom carpet: Here, nasty grey-blue dorm room berber, at home… I actually don’t remember, since I only saw the new carpeting for a week. The old stuff was black and white speckled.
28. How many times did you fail your official drivers test: Haven’t taken it. I’ve let my permit expire twice.
29. Before this one, who did you get your last e-mail from? Josh Smith, SWIL Alum. I think my Josh Smith number is 7.
30. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card? Apple Store. A new Dual 2 GHz G5, with the huge Cinema Display… ::quiver::
31. What do you do most often when you’re bored? Surf the web, friend people on LiveJournal, check my e-mail obsessively, play Puzzle Pirates.
32. Most annoying thing women ask me: women: “How much do you weigh?” I guess they’re jealous, even though I’m getting fat. men: “Why are you such a strange kid?” It’s all Emery’s fault, he asks me that like 10 times a day.
33. Bedtime: 1-2am on weekdays if I’m a good kid, 3-4am on the weekends.
34. Who will respond to this e mail the quickest? Freak, since she’s the only one I sent it to.
35. Who is the person u sent this to least likely to respond? Hah! I responded! I bet that screws up your statistics now! MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! (Note: my sister said I would be the least likely to respond).
36. Who was the last person/persons u went to dinner with? I ate at the SWILTable last night. Emery and I actually walked down to dinner together, but we decided we should sit apart because we had just spent all day in Hicks working on the labs.
37. Favorite TV show? Star Trek: The Next Generation, then Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, then West Wing, then 24, then Star Trek: Voyager, then…
38. Ford or Chevy? Don’t buy American! Our cars suck!
39. Tattoos? Never.
40. Time u finish this e mail: 2:39pm