Getting Drunk for the First Time

Hi mom!

I’m skipping all of the various journal entries I’m behind on to cover my first week of being 21. That may not sound like a big deal, but I should point out that I didn’t drink before last Saturday, the 25th. At all. With the exception of communion wine.

I have drunk three times since my birthday, but tonight at a Halloween pre-party was the first time I actually got drunk.

Poll: What kind of drunk are you?

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7 responses to “Getting Drunk for the First Time”

  1. Poll: What kind of drunk are you?

    drinking makes me either more mellow or more paranoid/depressed, as a complex function of the circumstances, who i’m with, and what mood i was in before i started drinking. in a perfect world, i would have a drunkenness results oracle which would take as parameters a full description of the situation, and would spit out a single bit (1 for “hey, go nuts, let the good times roll” or 0 for “hrm, not tonight, i think. here, have some hot chocolate”). in an even more perfect world, it would actually make the hot chocolate. in the current world, not only do i have to figure it out for myself, but i’m also playing slightly fast-and-loose with the definition of the term “oracle”.

  2. I vary between happy/silly, mellow, and more depressed, sorta like Carpenter. I’ve gotten very good about not drinking when sadness is likely to ensue, and rarely drinking in general: I’ve got a not insignificant liquor cabinet, wine rack, and beer selection, but I probably have two drinks per week or fewer, and view the ongoing self-discipline as a big positive sign. I’m not so good at determining when I’ll be bouncy happy and when mellow happy, and that can catch me by surprise.

    Congratulations on finding the best thing since System 7 :-) Now come over and have a drink sometime, y’hear?

  3. I don’t know how strong my tolerance really is – the drinking last night was spread out over two hours, for example. I have also yet to try a shot of anything.

    I was definitely more comfortable in a party situation that I usually am – at a packed party, I usually have a very strong, and generally inexplicable desire to leave. The fact that I want to leave while everyone else is having fun makes me annoyed at myself, which of course makes me have less fun. Joining in the drinking is enough of a distraction.

    I think I’ll stick with mountain dew for casual beverage drinking. :o)

  4. Sometimes the collective consciousness that generates Oracle responses just does an eerily good job.

    I’m sure we can find a time :o).

  5. I am hopelessly, hopelessly intolerant. with a shot of vodka in cranberry juice I’ll get all dizzy and achy within minutes, and that lasts for two hours if I don’t drink anything else. I need a monitor. But social drinking is very fun, congrats. So is spilling alcohol. Actually, that’s just sticky.

  6. I have been overage for 3 months now, and consumed probably scores of alcoholic units, and *I* still haven’t gotten drunk. :-P Oh yeah, I mean, I’ve been under the influence, but I think it was just faintly, if at all, noticeable to anyone but me. Either that, or I just remain in denial longer than you did. ;) Well, I like to think I have a not-disgraceful tolerance for a girl who hasn’t been drinking long, and I’m good at nursing my drinks, so I could stay out all night and have like 4 or 5.

    Usually, after a drink or two, I just get quite drowsy.

    Casual drinking looks like something I have a high enough tolerance to do, which is nice to know.

    Hey, I’m really glad to hear it! Seriously, there are some drinks I’m rather fond of, and since I’ll be overage in the US by the time I go back to Swat, I’m hoping to have some alcohol in my room, and I’m glad to find someone who might not mind having a drink or two with friends over the weekend. :)

  7. Keep in mind, I work on maintaining this level:

    1 beer: Loosened up enough to actually enjoy a paces party
    3 beers: Drunk enough to not mind not hooking up at a paces party*
    More than that: Too drunk to effectively take action.

    *The only thing parties are really good for, imo, is hooking up

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